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Swivels with friction bearings, colour yellow, turnable connector between winch rope and cable grip. The friction bearing guarantees that the swivel reduces rotation and torsion with increasing pulling force. Only for underground cables, not suitable for pulling overhead lines.

  • Swivels for underground cables must be equipped only with friction bearings.
  • With increasing pulling force friction bearings twist harder and thus avoid the untwisting of the pulling rope
  • Ball bearings let untwist the ropes and leads to destruction.
  • kN = minimum breaking load


ArtikelnummerTypeDiameter (mm)Lengte (mm)Treklast (kN)Gewicht (kg)
27243020V 20 D2086210,16
27243040V 25 D25120300,32
27243050V 35 D35130600,60
27243130V 45 D451801501,50
27243140V 50 D501871651,90
27243150V 55 D551901802,30
27243170V 60 D602172253,10
243180V 65 D652353003,42
27243190V 75 D752703206,70
27243200V 85 D853154009,40
27243220V 100 D10035050014,50