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Hydraulic cable cutters with foot-pump. Designed to cut aluminium and copper cables up to a diameter of the selected cutting head, cutting steel armour see table below.

Set existing of cutting head open or closed cutter, with foot-pump, operating pressure 700 bar. Compact dimension and low weight. Fast feeds by means of a double hydraulic cylinder (V1=28,6 cm³; V2=2,0 cm³/stroke)
Pressure control gauge tank volume 760 ml.
Manual return in case of need in any position possible.
Assembly: cutting head, foot-pump, single in plastic cases.
Without hose, please select length and order hose separately, see table below.
Armour Yes means cutting of cables with light steel sheet armour.


ArtikelnummerTypeØ Kabel (mm)SnijderSnijkracht (kN)Type KabelGewicht (kg)
27257600FPS 85
27257605FPS 9595open65CU/AI20,5
27257610FPS 120120closed135CU/AI24,2
27257620FPS 120-2120open60CU/AI23,2
27257823SCHA 3slang 3 metern.v.t.n.v.t.n.v.t.3,5
27257825SCHA 5slang 5 metern.v.t.n.v.t.n.v.t.6,0