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Battery operated hydraulic cable cutter. Design depending on the size with open or closed cutter. Light and compact structure for cutting Cu and Al cables. Cutting head rotating 360°. High speed feed with double hydraulic cylinder. High capacity Lithium-Ionic battery 18V/3Ah. Approximately 100-120 cuts per charge, depending on the cable. Variable speed for positioning of the tool.

ASL 25-ASL 85 supplied in plastic cases, ASL 95-ASL 120-2 supplied in nylon bag
Ergonomic design for right and left hander for fatigue-proof working.
2 years of guaranty respectively 20.000 cycles.
Assembly: cutter with battery 18V/3Ah, battery charger and carrying bag.
Armour Yes means cutting of cables with light steel sheet armour.


ArtikelnummerTypeØ Kabel (mm)SnijderSnijkracht (kN)Type KabelGewicht (kg)
27257290ASL 25
27257300ASL 4545closed60CU/AI/ACSR5,40
27257310ASL 5050closed60CU/AI4,90
27257320ASL 6565open45CU/AI7.40
27257330ASL 8585closed70CU/AI6,50
27257340ASL 9595open65CU/AI9,10
27257350ASL 120-2120open60CU/AI9,50
025732105Akku 18Vvoor allescutters18Vn.v.t.0,67