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Hydraulic cable cutters with accu-hydraulic pump. Designed to cut aluminium and copper cables up to a diameter of the selected cutting head, cutting steel armour see table below.

Set existing of cutting head open or closed cutter, with accu-hydraulic pump, operating pressure 700 bar. Compact dimension and low weight. Fast feeds by means of a double hydraulic cylinder.
Accu-hydraulic-pump 700 bar, 18V/3.0 Ah, approx. 80-120 cuts, charging time approx. 60 min.
Pressure control gauge for max. Cutting force, tank volume 1,18 l, and gettable 0,76 l.
Two speeds feeds by means of a double hydraulic cylinder, remote cable control 1,50 m
Assembly: cutting head, accu-pump with 1,50 m hose, single in plastic cases or bags.
Armour Yes means cutting of cables with light steel sheet armour.


ArtikelnummerTypeØ Kabel (mm)SnijderSnijkracht (kN)Type KabelGewicht (kg)
27257645APS 85
27257650APS 9595open65CU/AI11,50
27257655APS 120120closed135CU/AI15,20
27257658APS 120-2120open60CU/AI14,20
27025732105Akku 18Vvoor allesnijders18Vn.v.t.0,67
27257823SCHA 3slang 3 metern.v.t.n.v.t.n.v.t.3,50
27257825SCHA 5slang 5 metern.v.t.n.v.t.n.v.t.6,00