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Detecting red conduit rods, highest quality of reinforced fibre rod with PP-covering. For route detection with copper conductors: Included alu tip with shackle. On galvanized reel with safety brake. Can also be used for pulling-in of winch ropes or light cables. Including connector for transmitter. The core of this rod is reinforced by 27 % additional glass fibres. This leads to a higher pushing stability and also to higher breaking resistance.

 The position of the rod entry and exit guiding can easily be changed from the upper or lower part of the reel or vice versa.


ArtikelnummerTypeDiameter/Lengte (mm/m)Diameter Doorvoerkop
Diameter Haspel (mm)Binnendiameter Buis (mm)
27225302ORS 15-20015,0 / 20025/M121.500tot 400
27225303ORS 15-25015,0 / 25025/M121.500tot 400
27225304ORS 15-30015.0 / 30025/M121.500tot 400
27225305ORS 15-35015,0 / 35025/M121.500tot 400
27225306ORS 15-40015,0 / 40025/M121.500tot 400