Ø 1-60 mm | Mechanische teller


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Cable and wire length measuring machines with mechanical counter without data storage, for stationary applications. Very robust steel construction. Due to the big perimeter of 1 m, high accuracy of ± 0,5 %, accuracy class III, at temperatures of 5-40°C. May only be used for purely internal use, not for sales of cables.

Without conformity assessment. Conformity assessment procedure according to Module F1 is possible, which allows direct sales of cables.
Types MZ … only for insulated cables, types MZ … S also for bare metal goods.
The accuracy refers to a calibrated cable of a length of at least 10 m.
Measuring machines for cable bigger than Ø 60 mm are available on request.


ArtikelnummerTypeKabel Ø (mm)Staaldraad Ø (mm)Afmetingen LxBxH (mm)Gewicht (kg)
27323730MZ 201-20Nee360x280x40016,0
27323735MZ 20S1-201-8360x280x40016,0
27323750MZ 403-40Nee550x300x42028,0
27323755MZ 40S3-403-22550x300x42028,0
27323770MZ 6010-60Nee700x360x60054,0
27323775MZ 60S10-606-32700x360x60054,0