Ø 1-60 mm | Electronische teller


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Cable and wire length measuring machines with electronic counter for mounting on all cable winding machines and for stationary use. For this the power supply device 323.110 is necessary. Mounted on a spooling machine the power supply comes from the machine. Very robust steel construction. Due to the big perimeter of 1 m high accuracy of ± 0,5 %, accuracy class III at temperature of 5-40°C.

With conformity assessment according to EU Directive 2014/32/EU, Annex MI-009, valid throughout Europe. Conformity assessment procedure with type examination according to module B and product test according to module F. Equipped as standard with 3.5 inch colour touch screen incl. electronic pre-selection counter.
Types M … only for insulated cables, types M … S also for bare metal goods.
The accuracy refers to a calibrated cable of a length of at least 5 m.
Measuring machines for cable bigger than Ø 60 mm are available on request.
Power supply given below is only necessary if measuring machines are used with external devices.


ArtikelnummerTypeKabel Ø (mm)Staaldraad Ø (mm)Afmetingen LxBxH (mm)Gewicht (kg)
27323720MZ 201-20Nee360x280x40017,0
27323725MZ 20S1-201-8360x280x40017,0
27323740MZ 403-40Nee550x300x42028,0
27323745MZ 40S3-403-22550x300x42028,0
27323760MZ 6010-60Nee700x360x60054,0
27323765MZ 60S10-606-32700x630/60054,0
27323110Power unit24/230 Volton M counter110x110x901,0