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the drum lifter for easy uncoiling

The miniLift is tried and tested for use on construction sites. Built for maximum stability with solid steel frame and designed for optimal use with wheels, it ensures rational handling of all large cable drums up to a weight of 4 t. The all-metal design ensures maximum durability whilst the innovative technology of the system provides for maximum functionality. This system is completely maintenance-free – also with outdoor use. With the miniLift and the JumboLift we extend the product range of the cable drum lifter further in the new generation of cable lifters. With the miniLift large and heavy drums up to a weight of 4 t can be uncoiled with ease.The light aluminium construction coupled with the innovative technology of the system enables flexible and safe uncoiling on the construction site or in the cable warehouse. The miniLift profits from the innovative technology of the JumboLift and therefore offers the same ergonomic features and ease of use. The receiving block rollers running in ball bearings for easy movement enable the heaviest cable drums to be uncoiled with ease.

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