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Cable connecting grips, galvanized bowden wire. All Vetter cable grips are handmade therefore of high flexibility. They adapt easy at any difference in cable diameter and are therefore simple to handle. Other versions, e.g. reinforced, different length or in stainless steel are available. For connecting of two cables to follow.

  • For connection of two cut cables. Not for use in overhead lines.
  • L, the mentioned mesh length are without a cable in.
  • The real length on the cable can be, depending on the cable diameter, much shorter.
  • kN = minimum breaking load


ArtikelnummerTypeKabel-Diameter (mm)Breuklast (kN)Lengte (mm)Gewicht (kg)
27248010KV 1510-1510,21.5000,13
27248030KV 2015-2020,41.5000,27
27248050KV 2520-2520,42.0000,40
27248080KV 3025-3024,32.0000,49
27248140KV 4030-4035,12.0000,60
27248190KV 5040-5048,02.0000,70
27248250KV 6050-6048,02.5000,80
27248300KV 7060-7063,92.5001,00
27248350KV 9070-9083,72.5001,20