Kabeltrekkous (Vlieter), 2 trekogen, gedeeld


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Cable pulling grips with 2 loops, galvanized bowden wire. Lateral divided with binding strand. All Vetter cable grips are handmade therefore of high flexibility. They adapt easy at any difference in cable diameter and are therefore simple to handle. Other versions, e.g. reinforced, different length or in stainless steel are available. For all underground and duct cables.

  • L1 = the lengths without cables in. L2 = total length included the loops.
  • The real length mounted on the cable can be much shorter, depending on the cable diameter.
  • Up to K 30 loops without thimbles, from K 40 loops with steel thimbles
  • B = internal diameter of the loop
  • D = thickness of the loop
  • kN = minimum breaking load. at equal pull on both loops


ArtikelnummerTypeKabel-Diameter (mm)Breuklast (kN)Lengte (mm)Gewicht (kg)
27247010K 15/2G10-1510,2600/8000,10
27247030K 20/2G15-2012,9600/8000,27
27247050K 25/2G20-2520,4600/8000,31
27247080K 30/2G25-3024,31.000/1.2000,33
27247140K 40/2G30-4035,11.250/1.5000,60
27247190K 50/2G40-5048,01.250/1.5000,92
27247250K 60/2G50-6048,01.500/1.8001,30
27247300K 70/2G60-7063,91.500/1.8001,39
27247350K 90/2G70-9083,71.500/1.8002,20
27247400K 110/2G90-110104,71.500/1.8502,40
27247450K 130/2G110-130104,71.500/1.8502,71
27247490K 160/2G130-160128,11.500/1.8502,90