Kabeltrekkous (Vlieter), 1 trekoog, 3-voudig


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Cable pulling grips for 3 cables with 1 loop, galvanized bowden wire. All Vetter cable grips are handmade therefore of high flexibility. They adapt easy at any difference in cable diameter and are therefore simple to handle. For pulling-in together of 3 single core cables.

  • L1 = the lengths without cables in. L2 = total length included the loops.
  • The real length mounted on the cable can be much shorter, depending on the cable diameter.
  • Loops without thimbles
  • B = internal diameter of the loop
  • D = thickness of the loop
  • kN = minimum breaking load


ArtikelnummerTypeKabel-Diameter (mm)Breuklast (kN)Lengte (mm)Gewicht (kg)
27245860K 30/33x25-3048,61.000/1.1500,97
27245870K 40/33x30-4070,21.250/1.4001,51
27245880K 50/33x40-5096,01.250/1.4002,00
27245890K 60/33x50-6096,01.500/1.6502,34
27245900K 70/33x60-70128,01.500/1.6502,50