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Mini-rod yellow. Highest quality of reinforced fibre rod with PP-covering. Cable pull-in tool complete equipped in plastic housing. Rod-D 3,0 mm, without copper conductors, not for detection, see red Mini-rods. Packed in single box. The core of this rod is reinforced by 10 % additional glass fibres. This leads to a higher pushing stability especially in ducts M 20. Furthermore the breaking resistance is higher. The following accessory is supplied with the Mini Rod:

  • 1 Spring guided tip D 7 and 1 pc. D 10.
  • 1 cable grip with brass eye for C-D 6- 9.
  • 1 Pulling rubber disc D 75.
  • 1 Service-set different parts with instruction.


ArtikelnummerTypeDiameter (mm)Lengte (meter)Gewicht (kg)
27211004RS 3-303,0301,26
27211006RS 3-503,0501,50