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Conduit rod, highest quality of reinforced fibre rod with PP-covering. For pushing through conduits and pulling-in of winch ropes or light cables. On galvanized reel with safety brake. Including guide tip of aluminium D 11/M5. Without wheels. The core of this rod is reinforced by 27 % additional glass fibres. This leads to a higher pushing stability and also to higher breaking resistance.


ArtikelnummerTypeDiameter (mm)Lengte (meter)Diameter (mm) / DoorvoerkopDiameter Haspel (mm)Binnendiameter Buis (mm)
27211090RS 4,5-404,54011/M5350tot 50
27211130RS 4,5-604,56011/M5350tot 50
27211170RS 4,5-804,58011/M5350tot 50