For almost all cable routings, the prevention of material damage is the top priority, especially for sensitive data cables. Channel curves and differences in height can further complicate the cable pulling. Commercially available deflection products are often complicated and time-consuming to assemble and dismantle. From now on, our FLEXIPASS offers the optimal solution: handy, flexible and immediately ready for use.

With its ergonomic and compact design and smooth-running guide rollers, FLEXIPASS ensures safe and precise cable transfer at all corners and edges of cable trays. Packed in a professional bag, the basic set consists of three FLEXIPASS. This guarantees a maximum of flexibility at first use immediately. Furthermore, you can add more FLEXIPASS to your cable management system at any time.

Our FLEXIPASS is the universal cable routing system for all kinds of cable trays. The FLEXIPASS can be used for cables up to a diameter of 38 mm. Our focus lies on handling sensitive data and special cables. The clever arrangement of the rollers ensures optimal and resistance-free cable routing and transport. With its low own weight of 0.75 kg, the FLEXIPASS can be used even on light cable trays without any problems.

It‘s that simple: Place the FLEXIPASS on the cable tray and fix it quickly and easily with the one-hand clamping mechanism. The FLEXIPASS holds with its rubberised clamping surfaces without cumbersome screwing – no slipping, no tilting. Now insert the cable, secure with the latch and the FLEXIPASS is ready to uncoil. Even releasing the FLEXIPASS is a child‘s play. This will save valuable time when assembling and dismantling the cable routing system.

>> available as from 1 June 2020

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