EASY Roll (Original)


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the unbeatable tool for easy use of cable drums

This tool is designed for daily use. Equipped with solid pressure casting and fitted with high quality steel rollers, the Original withstands the highest strains found in industrial and warehouse environments. By simply changing the position of the drum bearing rollers – (utilising internally sprung axles) – the whole range of standard size cable drums (up to 1,200 mm diameter) can be accommodated. This is provided by adjustments at 90, 150, 240, 300 and 330 mm. Sealed roller bearings prevent corrosion and ensure roller operation cannot be impaired through soiling. Ergonomic equipment includes an anti-slip reeling-on ramp together with burr-free and rounded edges promoting maximum safety to the operator. Safe stability provides easy uncoiling of particularly heavy drums. The 100% metal construction guarantees a long product life and the high technical specification ensures full functionality. A maintenance free tool for use indoors or outside.

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Technische gegevens

ArtikelnummerDraagkrachtGewichtMax. trommelbreedteToebehoren + Artikelnummer
2390101140 kg8,3 kg500 mmZwenkwielen (set á 4 stuks) 2390301

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