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the slim tool for cable coils with particularly small inner diameters

Our ClouSlim is the addition to the cable coil uncoiler product line that uncoil cable coil products with very small inner diameters. True to the motto “uncoiling professionally”, the ClouSlim has a fixed-diameter, cylindrical core providing the option to uncoil tightly wound cable coil products from the inside, without torsion.

After use however, the ClouSlim really shows its colours and shrinks to a very small size. The giant performer turns into a very little fellow by disappearing into the professional carrying bag (included with the product). It needs minimum storage space and is always ready for use.

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Technische Gegevens

ArtikelnummerDraagkracht (kg)Ring-Diameter (mm)Kern-Diameter (mm)Kernhoogte (mm)Eigen Gewicht (kg)