Cable Ø 3-16 mm



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These small, but effective manual winding devices are primarily intended for the occasional winding of smaller cables, wires or lines from delivery drums to rings. Using a spool as an accessory, lengths of cable can also be rewound from larger drums to smaller ones.

Manual cable coilers on table plate with coil winder DW 20S with crank for winding small cables from small drums on rings or from rings to rings. Without length measuring device, prepared to take length measuring equipment HK 11 or HD 11S optional. Accessory see table below.
DH 15 on 28 mm base plate of glued wood, 1000×250 mm, without ring unwinder.
DH 15A on 28 mm base plate of glued wood, 1250×250 mm, with ring unwinder D 380/150-170×100 mm.
Prepared for mounting hand length measuring devices HK 11 or HD 11S.


ArtikelnummerTypeØ Kabel (mm)SpoelSpoel afmetingen (mm)Kabel afmetingen (mm)Gewicht (kg)
27322303DH 153-16DW 20SØ 380/150-170x1005/200, 15/2012,30
27322304DH 15A3-16DW 20SØ 380/150-170x1005/200 , 15/2021,90